Steel House stocks the most commonly used metal decking in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.  All our roof deck is available cut to order.  We offer a variety of custom fabrication processes for steel decking including welding, cutting and much more. Email us about our pour stop angles today!

Available Finishes: Galvanized and Painted

  • Uses: Residential and commercial structural construction, barn siding, decorative barriers, dumpster gate panels, etc.
  • Know the numbers: The first number is the material height, while the second number is the material thickness. The letter refers to the type of pattern that coincides with said decking. Example:5” B 20ga. steel deck is decking that is 1-1/2” tall and 20 ga. thickness.
  • NOTE:Steel House stocks form deck, composite deck, A and B deck.

Available Stock Sizes: 36” x 242” or 36” x 362”, or custom sheared to any size.